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We are excited that the mobile phones and portable technologies we produce as OVION will represent our country all over the world with the title of local and national brand in this journey that started approximately 50 years ago with the Odul Trophy brand and with the enthusiasm of raising the flag higher. We have full faith to prove that we have the qualified manpower to compete with the leading brands in the technology sector and that Turkey can exist in every field and make a name for itself with the OVION brand value we will create. Even though we have just been born as OVION, we feel lucky that behind our young and dynamic team is the corporate identity, experience and support of the Odul Trophy brand, our family company founded in 1973 in the field of white goods and built-in appliances production and exporting to 105 countries today. Because in this exciting journey we have started, we are eager to work with the same discipline and determination, taking the values of the Odul Trophy brand as our guide. We promise to fight with all our strength to be worthy of both them and Turkey by making the OVION brand a brand that will compete with the world giants in the field of technology. In summary, as OVION, with the pride of being a local and national technology brand, feeling the power of Turkey behind us and adopting the dynamics inherent in the success of the Odul Trophy brand, we set out on this path with the aim of showing the world that Turkey will have a say in the field of technology, as long as we have this power and support behind us. Far from being afraid of failure, we are coming to move quickly towards the goals we set with courage.

Our Values

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OVION has developed many products and services that enrich the user experience by offering a new generation of smartphones, portable devices and digital solutions. Each of these products is designed at the highest level of quality, performance and innovation.
Our Mission
We believe that everyone has the right to use the latest technology in this journey we have embarked on in order to ensure that everyone has access to technology, which is now an important part of people's lives. For this reason, we aim to work with all our stakeholders to ensure that our products equipped with the latest developments in technology reach people from all walks of life. In this direction, as OVION, we act with the mission of offering today's technologies to consumers in the national and international arena with our sales and after-sales service networks.
Our Vision
If the vision is an enterprise's dream for the future and determining the goals it wants to achieve, then as OVION, it would be the clearest definition to see a Turkish brand that will have a say in the field of technology as a world brand. We believe that we will have achieved our biggest dream when you can buy the latest technology in a way that suits your budget and when we see that this is possible through the OVION brand. In this context, it would be a realistic vision to set the dream of being one of the best in the mobile technology sector in the global world as the first goal we want to achieve.
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